Newbie at applescripting

Hello All, I am attempting to turn off a specific layer named “CA_Stds” in an already created PDF file using an Applescript. Once I successfully do this, I have 100s of files to run the script on. Being new to applescript, Im not sure what I am doing wrong and it is very frustrating. I hope by posting this small script someone can correct me … Thank you in advance.

ps) I run this script with the PDF file open and receive the error:
Can’t set visible of layer of document “FileName.pdf” whose name = “CA_Stds” to false


tell application "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional"
	open document "FileName.pdf"
	set OFF_name1 to "CA_Stds"
	set the visible of (layer of document "FileName.pdf" whose name is OFF_name1) to false
end tell


as far as I know you can’t access layers in Acrobat with AppleScript at all.
There is no layer element in the dictionary

Thank you. I guess that explains why I can not get it to work.