Newbie basic question - how to use script

I pretty much understand scripts. What is not clear to me, and I have been unable to find a definit sentense to expaine it, anyhwhere, is: how a script is used? do I put the script in the script menu and put the script menu in my menu bar and when I need to run the script I select the script press enter and run it? or can I insert the scipt into the application and make it run automatically? is it essential a “fancy” macro? for example, I downloaded the “open Safari in full screen” script, now how do I use it? how do I make it open the browser in full screen? Thank you. :rolleyes:

Many scripts work with a double click. That will launch the script and cause it to “Run”. Other scripts have been writen to accept a file drop, that will cause the script to process the file(s) dropped on it. You can tell the difference by the icon on the script.

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You can also open the script in “Script Editor” and save it as an application. Then you can put that application in your Login Items so it runs when you log in or your system boots up.

AppleScripts can be compiled scripts (the icon looks like a document with the AS logo in the middle and the top right corner folded down – see here), applets (the scripts saved as a stand alone application; the icon is the AS logo on a square platform – see here), or droplets (the same as applets except they accept drag and drop inputs; the icon is the same as an applet but with an arrow – see here).

For compiled scripts, you can place them in your Scripts folder and run them from the Script Menu or you can double click them and run them from the Script Editor (assuming they weren’t saved as run-only). For applets and droplets, you can also place them in your Scripts folder to run from the Script Menu or you can simply double-click them and launch them like any other application. Droplets can be launched by dragging and dropping a file or a folder on to them. If the droplet was written well, it will evaluate what was dropped on it and determine if it can actually process the item(s) and alert you to a problem if one exists.

The script you mentioned should be placed in your Scripts folder and run from the Script Menu.


Incidentally, the icons look a little different in OS 9 but behave the same way. I assume you are talking about OS X since you refer to Safari, an OS X only app.