Newbie But Learning Needs InDesign Script Help

Here’s the idea: A script that runs within InDesign on the open documents that will create a list of linked images and provide the following information:
File Name
File Path
File type (EPS, TIF, JPG, etc.)
Page # of layout
Status (Linked, Unlinked, Missing, etc.)
File type (EPS, TIF, JPG, etc.)
Color Space (RGB, CMYK, greyscale, etc.)
Effective Resolution
Bounding Box Dimensions
Clipping Path (None, Embedded Path, Detect Edges, Alpha, etc.)

Ideally, I’d like this output as a tab delimited text file so I can import into a layout or spreadsheet.

Essentially this is part of the Preflight Report that can be generated from InDesign but I only want LINKS and these fields. I just can’t figure out how to get InDesign to output the information I need. I don’t want it to collect any files just create the new text file to the desktop in a dated folder called Reportsfilename+date.txt on my desktop.

P.S. How do you figure out what the programs are calling/using to perform their tasks. I’ve tried opeining the Indesign Dictionary and using what I could figure out was the Report commands but could never get it right. It obviously references more than what’s in the dictionaries? Trial and error?

On Adobe’s website there’s a great InDesign script guide. I can’t remember where exactly, but I don’t remember it being hard to find. It’s much easier to understand than the dictionary from Script Editor