newbie for Xcode

Hi All,

First of all I would like to inform that I know applescript and so many program I have developed so far. Now I am trying to learn Xcode with carbon.

I was trying to develop one application using Xcode with Applescript, but my script was not working. How can I do it. I am learning Xcode fast with the Carbon. But I will learn it very fast if I will be able to do it with Applescript.

I was developing one program using carbon but the final out put is not coming below is the message I am getting

“BeepWorld has exited due to signal 6 (SIGABRT).”

Can any one know what is it.


HI Rajeev, welcome to the wonderful world of XCode! :cool:

I doubt you’ll find a lot of help here for Carbon programming in XCode, but we can definitely help you with working with XCode and writing Applescript Studio applications.

However, the message you got means that the program crashed. There isn’t enough information for us to understand WHY it crashed.


Thanks for the reply. I have developed so many applescript and now I want to associate those scripts with Xcode. I tried to do it but, the program was showing errors.

Please if you can tell me an example with Hello World program with AS.



There are some great tutorials in our unScripted section, especially this one to get you started using XCode and AppleScript.

I also suggest you consider this book. It is a great starter text for people that already know AppleScript and just want to learn applying AS in XCode development.

Good luck,