<NEWBIE> Is there a way to join selected files? </N

Hi, I’m a newbie to applescript and I’d like some help. I often download all kinds of things from usenet that come down as split parts like abc.mpg.001, abc.mpg.002 that I have to join.

Here’s what I do now. I drag them to an empty folder, open the terminal, type cat * >filename.mpg, move the new file back to the original folder and then trash the individual parts.

What I WANT a script to do is this:

A. I select the files I want to concatenate within a folder of many files
B. I run the script

  1. It will ask what I want the new file to be named
  2. It will concatenate the highlighted files
  3. It will trash the individual parts upon succesful completion

Does a script like this already exist? If not, is it easily written? I’ve never written an applescript, could this be a good beginer script to write? I’m very goal based, so I’m not so much looking to learn applescript as much as I’m trying to learn how I can get it do what I want as easily as possible.

This became a long message, thanks for reading!


Oh, and it would be really cool if when it asked me what the new file name should be it would automatically insert the name of the first file selected and do it in a highlighted way so I could either hit delete or just backspace the .001 away. But that would just be icing on the cake. Thanks again.


It does exist: