[newbie] move rows around in a table

Hi all,

i’m new to applescript studio.

I built my first app yesterday (based on the “Drag and Drop” examples).

It is composed of two items, a table view and an image view. when you drag a image in the table, a new row is created with the file path of the dragged image in the first and only column.
When you click on a row, the image view is updated to display the corresponding image.

Pretty easy so far…

now i’d like to be able to rearrange the rows in the table (to move them up and down based on on drag and drop), is it possible? If yes what is the best way to do it?

Thanks for your interest.

I’m a newbie too - haven’t seen any response to this thread. Anyone has suggestions/pointers? Thanks.

What I want is a table with rearrangable rows like the Languages table in the International prefpane. A solution for the first poster would be to use a list, append it to the data source, and then when you get a new item, simply stick it at the start or end of the list and then reappend.