Newbie Need Help: iTunes to iWeb - script or automation??

My buddy just had over twenty surgeries including several open heart and is now on his way to many months of rehab. I want to provide him messages and motivation from all of his friends that he can listen to in between songs on his iPod. I have figured out a way to capture voicemail messages automatically and save them into iTunes. I would like to take those messages and put them on the web so he can subscribe to them(podcast) via his computer/iPod.

I can’t find/figure a way to do this. How should I automate/script the new message(song) in iTunes to get on the web via iWeb? Applescript? Automation? Any suggestions you guys may have is really appreciatted.



Sorry about your buddy.

If you’re using an iDisk, you could probably do a simple shell script. Perhaps something like:

-- Changes Directory to specified folder and copies mp3s to whatever folder you point to
do shell script "cd /Users/your_user_name/Music/iTunes/your_folder_path; cp *mp3 /Volumes/your_iDisk_name/your_folder_path"

If you’re not using an iDisk, you could try curl or URL Access Scripting (which was apparently broken in Panther).

The link below will give you more info.

Thanks for the reply!

Duh!! Talk about missing the obvious. I’ll try the idisk route and see how it works.

Thanks again!