Newbie Q : Copy file to folder and all the sub-folders


Newbie here.

I have this need of copying a single file to the parent folder and all its subfolder (>500 of them in branches).

I know it is possible to use Automator. But lacking any skills and finding programming not my cup of tea (I am a chemistry person), I am finding it impossible to get this thing working? Please help!


Model: PowerBook G4
Browser: Safari 522.12.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Or… is that not possible by Automator??:expressionless:

Did you figure this out? I’m trying to do something similar.

Yes, I did - actually someone else did and I simply used their script.
Unfortunately, it was so long ago and since then I have changed computers (MacPro now), that I have very little hope, if any, that I can locate the script. However I will dig through my backup files and see if I can find it - but don’t hold your breath. Sorry…


OK… here’s what I found - see image at
Hope this helps.


The Automator Actions in that link copies all the files in a folder & it’s subfolders to a single folder.
From what I read you wanted the other way around.

I found this forum posting which might help