Newbie ques: Custom Icon

I have created an icon file (.icns) for my Applescript studio application.

How do I add this into the project so that it shows up by default ?


menu “project > add files…”
choose your icns and check “copy if needed”. finish this step.
go to “targets” tab (left tabs in the project window)
Click your target with a red circle (on the left)
On the right, click “Info.plist Entries”
Now, you can edit anything you wish. You NEED an original “Signature”, to tell the Finder that “icon x” is owned by app “xxxx”. Type, eg, “*jH_”.
In the “Application Icon” entry, simply type the name of your icns (eg, “myicon.icns”).

“Build” your project and it’s done. Perhaps all changes won’t show immediatelly and you’ll need a log-out. But, it you hate logout-login, you can take a look to your executable, right-click to “show contents of package” and see if your “icns” is within “Contents/Resources”…

(at least this works for me :rolleyes: )

thanks !!