Newbie Question about Sparkle Framework

Okay, so I’m installing a sparkle framework into my app…

I got to this step:

I got stuck at “d”. I was able to read the file, but after that, where is the classes button? Hem? Hem?

Help would be great.

its a menu item not a button

Things are rearranged in Interface Builder 3.0. For step d, just create an NSObject, then change it’s class to SUUpdater.

Okay, thank you!

I have also integrated sparkle in my apps and the current version brings some errors to the actual update part. it seems to install the new version of the app inside the app making it impossible to run.

if you get that error, then drop me a mail, because i had to heavily modify the sparkle framework to get it to work. i can then send you the “patched” and working version.

could be possible that you do not get this error on your mac, but others might still get it.


i do not get this error, and i use Xcode 3 leopard etc.
Perhaps because you run bundled applications?

it all works fine for me

bundled apps?

I’ve got another question about adding the Sparkle framework to an Applescript Studio app.

My app is a menubar application and I am using the SUScheduledCheckInterval in the user defaults to specify how often the Sparkle checks for updates. I’ve got everything working, but I don’t know how to do the call method to let Sparke know when the interval changes (when I write out the defaults)

Here is the explanation from their documentation on how to do it…

You might make a menu in your preferences to let the user specify this interval; just update
SUScheduledCheckInterval in the user defaults with the user’s choice”a setting there
will override one in Info.plist. You’ll need to let Sparkle know when the interval changes,
though: just call scheduleCheckWithInterval: on your SUUpdater (it’ll cancel the old one).

What would the applescript line for this look like?

call method “scheduleCheckWithInterval:” of object SUUpdater ?

Would I need to specify the interval inside the call?

call method “scheduleCheckWithInterval:86400” of object SUUpdater ?

Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise I’ll have to put a line in the app telling them their change won’t take effect until they restart the app.


Model: 24" iMac
Browser: Safari 525.18
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)