newbie question

I’m just trying to get started using applescript studio, but I seem to have run into some sort of wall in making the basic ‘Hello World’ app on this tutorial:

The problem is, that my script does not appear in the get info panel for the button object, so I can’t select it for an event handler. Does anybody know how to make the script appear there?

This is embarassing…

And the problem seems to be related to application enhancer 1.4.5, which was somehow interfering with the applications’ communication. Removing APE seems to have fixed the problem, although I am without SwitchRes now…

Anybody else experience conflicts with this software?

If you have your nib file open in Interface Builder, and you close your project in Xcode, IB will lose all of it’s connections to the project… including those to the scripts. To get them back, save and then close the nib in IB, reopen your project in Xcode, and then reopen your nib in IB. I find that it’s best to work on nib’s only when Xcode is running and the project is open in it. This should eliminate any problems with xcode/IB.

I can’t speak from experience about conflicts that application enhancer may be producing with the xcode/ib connections. As you’ve done, and as the APE website recommends, disabling it and seeing if it is the root of your problems is the first step. If it becomes a persistent problem, you should contact the author to report this problem. Especially in a case such as this, where it appears to disable a KEY feature of an important application. They’re a dedicated team of developers over there, and would be interested to hear of a conflict such as this… especially if it can be reproduced. Until they can release a patch or you can find another solution, you’ll have to weigh which is more inportant… the functionality of xcode or the convenience of APE.

Good luck,