newbie: script to start filemaker, open database, and then login?

hello people,

not sure if this is possible as i’ve never tried any applescript before… but…

we use a filemaker 6.0 database at work to track projects/expenses/timesheets etc.

every day we all have to launch the program, tell it to open a database, then login with a user/password, and click through into a certain section of the database.

is this a process that could be automated, and if so where can i look for help on how to get started with this :smiley:

thanks for your time,


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if the filemaker file is on a local machine this will work:

property mydesktop : ""
set mydesktop to (path to desktop folder as string)
set myfile to mydesktop & "myfilemakerfile.fp5"
tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	open file myfile with password "myuserpassword"
	with timeout of 900 seconds
		do script "script that gets you going."
	end timeout
end tell

If the file is hosted one easy way is to make a local opener file that uses the same password and has a script to open the hosted file. Then open the local file with the applescript then let the local file open the hosted file and run any necessary scripts on the hosted file.

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