Newbie to applescript. Add contacts to outlook

Im a newbie in applescript and I find in a bit confusing since i scripted a bit befor in other languages. Anyways, im trying to create a simple script that let me create a simple outlook contact with a firstname, lastname and an email adress. I found the library refference in the applescript editor and a few examples on the net and i got this little code that i think shoudl work, but it doesnt. So i hope you guys can help me.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
make new contact with properties {first name:"test1",last name:"test2",email adress:""}
end tell

When i run it i get the error:
Error “Microsoft Outlook” encountered an error. Cannot change {first name:"test1",last name:"test2",email adress:""} to type properties of contact", number -1700 from {first name:“test1”,last name:“test2”,email adress:""}

No one? cmon guys :frowning:

Welcome to the forum. Try this:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook" to make new contact with properties {first name:"test1", last name:"test2", email addresses:{{address:"", type:work}, {address:"", type:home}}}