Newbie with asperation- Droplet/SpreadSheet Help

I’m pretty much brand new to AppleScript. I’m looking to make a script that will use a spreadsheet to modify an xml file and then resave the xml file so that it can be imported into InDesign.

Just wondering if there were any good example scripts or FAQs or anything to get me started.

Thanks all

If you’re working with XML you should consider getting Late Night Software’s XML Tools which gives you AppleScript commands for dealing with XML data. This makes it much easier than trying to parse and write XML manually (which you can do if you prefer).

On the spreadsheet part, it’s hard to advise further since it’s not clear as to the structure of this data, but Excel has a fairly rich AppleScript dictionary (Excel 2004 is recommended), so it shouldn’t be too hard to extract data from the spreadsheet using standard AppleScript commands.


What I’m trying to do with the SS is to replace parts of an exported XML file. For example it would read something like:
Type Here
and I would want to use the script to replace “Type Here” with the contents of cell A1.