News Format changes/ideas on MacScripter?

Hi all,

Generally, I would post this elsewhere. However with the possible connection of Code Exchange, I have posted my query here.

Due to the nature of the internet, and the way people generally receive their news, I’m considering a totally new model for the cover of macscripter. This is a huge departure from our format, so as you can imagine, I’m a little concerned in messing with something that has worked for us for years. However, with the advent of Desktop RSS Readers today, in my estimation the news which we turn out, in most cases, is already discovered.

I’m thinking of a totally new user participated model where everyone would become involved, and post script tidbits, very similar to what graces the pages of Code Exchange.

If everyone feels the news should stay as is, that is ok. However if you feel that we could support such a new model as the one I’m proposing, I’m open to suggestion.

I welcome your comments on this.


Are you suggesting that this part of the MS’r Forum become an AppleScript Coding blog with a comment section?

Thanks for asking,

Actually not here on the forums. I have an aversion to mixing forums and other entities where they cross boundaries too much. It would be on our cover page [index], and take on something similar to Code Exchange, where folks send in updates, snippets, etal. We would still do some newsy stuff, but it would take on a more user supported role.

I took avoidance of mixed mode for granted (share your aversion) - the forum would morph into a blog or a wiki (with fantastic search engine support of course), but not here at I suggest links on and on the bbs pages, too - perhaps over on the far right of the link set: “MacScripter AppleScript Forums User list Search Profile Messages Logout” and an RSS feed from it (as you’ve now done with bbs).

It isn’t going to save you work in the beginning though, Ray. Because to give everyone a clue, you’ll have to populate it initially with some of Jonn8’s and jj’s (and many others here) better fragments. I’d love to see it evolve into a neat bits list, rather than focus entirely on whole scripts. Most of us grab little segments of code here and there, and are always on the lookout for neat little handlers, or tricks for handling large lists like jj’s script properties approach.

Some folks write great scripts but don’t necessarily give them elaborate explanations. A blog or wiki gives others an opportunity to both refine the script or to append explanations without ending up as 29 replies to be combed through.

It’s funny you should mention a Wiki, as I have been approached with this before. There is something to be said for Wiki’s self-sealing effects over time. In regard to the BBS, IMHO I feel I would be doing it a dis-service to make it into something it’s not designed to do. I would never do anything to trode on something that appears to work well, especially given the extra applescript centric features we’ve added to this Forum. It is my hope that everyone here enjoys them.

I’m not sure I understand you what you’re saying about saving work. This isn’t about time, or work saved, as much as it is getting people involved. That said, I recognize to get things kicked off, I’ll have to get some posts ‘in there’ for people to chew on, so in that respect it will take a little effort on my part. Essentially, what I’m proposing is a marked departure from the way we’ve done news - a model that historically worked well for us for years. Candidly, something I’m very nervous about messing with, and, my motivation for throwing the idea out there and to gauge feeback. :slight_smile:

Our current news model is diluted with the advent of Desktop RSS readers, and other various forms of getting news. In that regard, our current philosophy needs to change as all we’re doing is milking a cow that has already been milked. I hope this makes sense.

Well, while it wouldn’t necessarily be a Wiki persay, it would be a blog just like we have now on the cover of Rather than doing news as we have in the past, I’m considering replacing our normal news coverage with something similar to Code Exchange, as you see in this forum in particular. They don’t have to be full blown solutions, they can be pretty much anything that saves someone time. These would be the metal of what makes a Mac a Mac, by posting snippets used in real world use.

Even if they happened to be long on the tooth, I have ways to show only the hook on the cover, with the full-text via comment or other methods, which would show the complete script(s).

Anyway, I’m glad you responded. I desire user participation, in a way that merits our community and those precious scripters who evangelize Applescript and support it. What concerns me, is if I make that change, will the Applescript Community support it? Would you? Would it have value to you? Not only as a true script-slinger, but just as a Mac user in general? It is my hope not only those scripters who would be inclined to share their snippets, there would be others too, even if they were just casual users of Applescript.

In summary, a long long time ago, I asked a friend of mine, if we build, will they come? We never could of known where things would of evolved then like I do now. Would I do it all over again? Despite much heartache, you damn skippy I would. :slight_smile:

So, to rephrase an old question, if I move to a new model/modus operandi, similar to Code Exchange, would you support it?

I do. :smiley:

So, Ray, would this new model be comparable to

Goodie. :smiley:

Yes, in fact, very much so. Do you like the way they’re doing it?

I’ve not gone to OSXHints in a long time, but I remember what it was. Have you ever posted there? [anyone else for that matter?] Do you know what their mechanism for posting is?

The reason I ask this, as I will carry over the same funtionality we have here on the Forums, which implies beautifying the applescript code natively. In fact, I’m working on writing a plugin for this now. :slight_smile:

The only thing we probably won’t offer is the protocol link.


I believe they use Geeklog. I haven’t posted there yet, but I have only recently started going there. Currently, you have to register seperately for their main site and their forum (which I do post to), which is mildly annoying.

That said, I would be interested in such a model.