Newsfire RSS Script

I am trying to make a script which repeats until I press the return key
repeat until keystroke return
tell application “NewsFire” to activate
tell application “System Events”
tell process “newsfire”
keystroke space
end tell
end tell

end repeat
the bold part of the script works but when I try to repeat I got an error “Can’t make keystroke “” into type reference”


plain vanilla AppleScript can not detect keystrokes

hmm, well really all I want to do is have a way to stop it, it doesn’t have to be a keystroke.

Just bring the script up and press the stop button or command period. You could have a script that checks the clipboard, if the word is stop there, then exit script. I don’t know of a general halt script. There’s exit repeat or return. if you do a return at script/root level it halts. But if you deep in the stack, eg a handler it will return down one level of the stack.

Command period is best. Script Debugger has debugging features that may help with you problems.

I tried that (pressing the stop button), but when I ran the script my computer froze up.