No answer re: Entourage and Aliases

I never got any replies on this so I’m not sure if it means its not possible or… Is there any other good AppleScript resources.

There are several experts on scripting Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Entourage, etc.) on the AppleScript list:

You’ll have to join to access the list. You might also look at this entry in ScriptBuilders:

Thanks very much for both tips. Paul Berkowitz’s documentation suggests creating dummy accounts for the aliases and it looks like the script would automate replies around that.

The scripting page you gave me looks like a good place to get to know and understand Applescript. Although I’ve used a Mac for years, I’ve never bothered with Applescript. I’ve always used Quickeys to automate everything but I think there is something about Applescipt that could be very useful.



Your welcome, and welcome to the bbs as well. Like you I had always used QuicKeys, but became increasingly unhappy with it as it lost so much ‘oomph’ with the transition to OS X. I started AppleScripting about 2 years ago and immediately loved it. If you buy FastScripts, you can run scripts with hot keys and virtually replace QK.