No notifications with Growl

Growl shows no notifications
a)growl is running
b)the application “Finder text” created
c) the application “Finder text” activated
d) notifications invisible is unchecked

tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
	set the note_ls to {"sometext"}
	set the avaiab_ls to note_ls
	register as application ¬
		"Finder text" all notifications avaiab_ls ¬
		default notifications note_ls ¬
		icon of application "Finder"
end tell
	tell application "GrowlHelperApp" to notify with name ¬
		"Test" title "Text" description "no" application name "Finder text" priority 2 --sticky yes
on error
	display dialog "install or activate Growl." buttons "End"
end try

what is missing?

title and note_ls has to coincide…