No script menu in Address Book 4.0.2 after installing scripts

I have placed two scripts in my ~/Library/Scripts/Address Book Scripts/ folder. When I relaunch Address Book no menu shows up. I’ve also tried putting a simple folder in there to see if it causes a menu to appear and that didn’t work. Any ideas why I can’t get a menu? I don’t want to use the system-wide Script Menu since I only have a few apps that I use scripts with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is OS 10.4.2

item placed in that folder show up in the global applescript folder


So by placing scripts in that folder, they only show up in the Script menu?

Is there a way I can enable a script menu just in Address Book?

i don’t think so

though i have seen scripts that act as plugins when you right click n item in address book

Not really - but you can do the next best thing:

When you use Script Menu from an application set up in this way, your application-specific scripts should show up in the menu as Current Application Scripts. In other words, the scripts should appear in Script Menu only when the relevant application is frontmost. :slight_smile: