Not authorized to send apple events to finder - Cocoa-Applescript

I recently upgraded from Mojave to Big Sur, and now when I try to use one of my apps I get the “Not authorized to send apple events to finder” message. The app was created via Cocoa-Applescript Applet, not Xcode. In Security & Privacy System Preferences, I have included the app under Accessibility and Full Disk Access, but the app is not listed in the Automation pane. I have tried to “Save as”, but I get a message that the document could not be saved -“A code signing error occurred.” Any suggestions as to where to go from here? Thanks.

Model: Mac Mini 2018
AppleScript: 2.11
Browser: Safari 605.1.15
Operating System: macOS 10.14

Does your applet include any other resources? I suspect doing a Save As is the right way to go, but you obviously need to work out what’s causing the signing problem.

The only additional resource that I’ve added is a CocoaAppletAppDelegate script to close the script when it’s through running.

So is there any reason it has to be a Cocoa-Applescript Applet and not a standard applet?

Thanks for the quick reply. Honestly, when I created the script (which was a few years ago), I read somewhere (probably here, which is where I get almost all my scripting advice) that I should use this particular script to quit the app.

So what happens if you Save As a standard applet?

Well, I’m not sure how to save as a standard applet since it was written as a Cocoa applet. When I try to “Save as”, I just get the usual open-save dialog, and if I save it as a script, it’s the same script as I started with. I’m sure that I’m missing something obvious.

See my private message.

Replied to your PM - thanks!