not exactly applescript but need some help with my url query

I have this url:

http://www.thisisntreal.true/folder/something.asp?insert=image&caption=bingo the dog

the problem i have is that when i use that url it wont insert the caption into the database. I have noticed its a textarea and wondered whether that was the problem. Also do i have to insert the %20 for th spaces?

Any ideas??


Your post is more than a little confusing…

Are you trying to use OS X server features to modify a local file via an .asp page?


If the answer to the first question is yes, there is probably a more straightforward AppleScript approach.

Sometimes it helps to be very specific about what you’re up to. Don’t assume the tangent you’re taking will always be obvious to others.

I’m sure someone here will be willing to help if you restate the problem.

Peter B.

ok, i will see if this is a better explaination, i agree with you and apologise, i know there is nothing worse than someone who has a problem and hasn’t explained it right.

I have a form with a number of fields that we, as a company, use to update a picture holding database. It contains a number of textfields and drop down menus and also a textarea menu.

What i have decided to do to automnate this is to create a dynamic url generator in a scxript that fills in the fields, through the url, thus updating the database.

sio the end of this url will look like so

/querystring?imageNo=103456&caption="&documentCaption&"&description=Hello world

this url will set the imageNo to 103456 and the caption to a predefined variabl from 0+ words, different each time the script is run. The problem is that that is a textarea and it doesnt do the desired affect. The other two fields are textfields and seem to work fine.

I need this textarea to be able to do what is required but i am worried that i will have to format the url to all the %20 and so on.

Has this helped alittle better???

also the variable part works for textfields to, so there isn’t anything wrong with using the variable to do the above.