Not in the wrong place, I hope!

I just got my first mac, an iBook, 10.2, and at the same time, a 9. I don’t really understand that. I am working on the book: ‘AppleScript Studio Programming’ by Jerry Lee Ford, Jr

I downloaded something…I will show it to my web host provider, who also sold me the computer, and who is wonderful at answering questions, but I don’t want to bug him too much.

I also don’t want to bug you guys, but I am determined to learn this stuff!

What I see on my computer isn’t quite what is in the book.

Do you have suggestions of a more basic book? I am also surfing, to find on-line tutorials, but that is also tough when things don’t look the same.

If there is another more basic list I should be on…on any more basic place I can go, could you let me know?

Thank you!

Yes. I’ve moved your post to AppleScript | OS X

thanks, and I have had so many replies! Much appreciated!