Not wasting a disk


I’d hate to post something that’s so way off topic, but can somebody tell me how I can save my eMails without wasting another disk. I already backuped everything for the upgrade to Yosemite, but forgot about the emails. I don’t use iCloud.

Edited: that’s alright. I forgot to save the notes and other things that are stored with apps. I’ll burn another disk.

Thanks anyway,


I don’t know how to do it yet, but I guess you can restore from Time machine, if you use it. That process should be a whole lot simpler.

nowadays disks are waste per se.
Guess why Apple is dropping optical drives for a while

Hard disks / flash drives are economically and regarding data safety/speed/handling the better choice


5 hours later with wifi, got it working, and was chearing it on all the way. This system is pretty quick!

I was so anxious that I just dropped all the stray files that I might need onto another disk for backup. :smiley:

Don’t know if I like the flat buttons in Safari, but maybe I can change the preferences.

Can’t wait to get into the Script Editor!


Hi everybody,

I’ll check into Time Machine and flash drives. Right now, money is scarce :slight_smile: so I probably won’t buy an external HD. Isn’t Time Machine on iCloud? I’ll read up on that.

Thanks a lot,

ps. getting ready for the next upgrade. Mavericks ended so quickly! Guess that was the beta.

One thing I’ve noticed that is way different, is that the second screen adds the spaces to mission control in the first screen when the second screen is off. Don’t know if it’s a bug.