Notes app shortcuts

This shortcut exports notes from the Notes app to text files. The target and source folders are set in the shortcut’s first and second actions. The Notes app may need to be running when setting the source folder (but not otherwise).

Archive Notes.shortcut (22.7 KB)

This shortcut is similar to that above except that the files are saved in RTF format.

Archive Notes.shortcut (22.6 KB)

The MacStories site contains an archive of shortcuts including one that allows the user to append dictated and typed text to a note in the Notes app. The Notes app in Sonoma has a Quick-Note feature which also allows the user to append text to a note. I wanted to learn a bit about shortcutting the Notes app and wrote the following shortcut for learning purposes only. A few comments:

  • The user sets the name of the note in the first action of the shortcut. If the note does not exist, an error is reported.

  • At its end, the shortcut opens the note app and shows the note that contains the appended text. Unfortunately, the shortcut does not work correctly without this step.

  • I store notes on my local computer, and I don’t know if this shortcut will work correctly if notes are stored in the cloud.

Scratchpad.shortcut (23.1 KB)