Notification Alert for "Downloads" Dock Stack

[color=blue]So, I know this might be a little bit tricky but recently I’ve managed to customize my desktop exactly how I like it. It is very sexy.

One problem I do have and can’t seem to fix or find a solution anywhere on the internet is how to create a small alert for my “downloads” shortcut folder in my dock like iChat when you receive a new message. The image isn’t the issue I’m just wondering what you would have to do to enable a folder to do this. (Folder Actions possibly? The issue is I want a little icon notification on the dock stack when something is successfully downloaded not just added to the downloads folder)

I want the notifications because I prefer to have the “downloads” stack as a folder rather than the stack display in the dock. The only downside is whenever something finishes downloading the icon will bounce once and that is it. It’d be nice to have a small red alert overlay (like a red circle or something) whenever there are new, unchecked downloads.

Help much appreciated!

an image of my dock to understand what I mean:[/color]

so there is absolutely no one who can do this?

Now, AppleScript can not do that to my knowledge. But, something you might want to consider, is AppleScript Objective-C, where it can do that and run your AppleScript program (with a change or two).