Notification alert - specify what "Show" does?

I’ve written a script application that converts files from one format to another and displays a notification in the Mavericks notification center when it’s done. The notification displays the name of the original file.

If the user specifies Alert-style notifications for this application, then the notification includes a “Show” button. The “Show” button seems to start up the application itself and triggers its “choose file” dialog. Is it possible to make the “Show” button open a Finder window on to a specific file instead?

I can’t find anything the answer to this after much searching, and will be grateful for any help.

You can’t modify the behaviour of AS’s display notification, but you could probably roll your own using an AppleScriptObjC library.

Thank you, Shane. There seem to be some threads here (with contributions by you) that point the way, and I’ll start experimenting.