Notify launches

Is there any utility/unix util/etc which can somehow notify AppleScript, that x application just launched?

Hi there, one simple way is to use an idle script that checks what processes are running, and if it finds your app running then do something.

on idle
	tell application "Finder" to name of processes
	if the result contains "Extensis Suitcase" then
		display dialog "Extensis Suitcase is active"
	end if
end idle


I know that i could use “name of processes” and ps but i need something that notifies my script immedeately after new process is launched. I could use “name of processes” or ps every 1 second but that would be overkill.

There must be some unix command or utility that does this???

Hi there,
is the application being launched by a user or by an automated method? If a user is launching the app you could always get them to use a application script to start the app and then applescript knows that it’s just launched an app.


These utils are not launched by user.