Notifying of new mail on Yahoo!

Hi There,

Does anyone know if there is code out there that will notify you if you have mail in a yahoo account? not sure if this would be an applescript or xcode task. Any help would be great.


Depends if you get it online or in Mail.

it would be online…I am not paying for yahoo mail just to get it through my mail program.

My Mail program monitors my Yahoo account and beeps whenever I get something.

If I massaged it with Applescript, that could be turned into a louder notification.

Monontoring an online service (like Yahoo) and notifying you of any mail is a built-in feature of Mail.

(If you don’t want the mail downloaded to your computer, I imagine that Mail could be set to automaticaly delete any mails downloaded from that particular site.)

How do you have it setup in Mail? When I tried to do it, yahoo wouldn’t allow it unless I had a Yahoo Mail Plus account.


I’m not particularly computer savy. If I remember correctly, I let Mail guide me through it.

anyone have thoughts on this?