Now that music can be played from an iOS device within iTunes again...

Old versions of iTunes used to allow you to play music right from an iPod device in iTunes, if the device was manually managed.

iTunes 10 seems to enable this for any iOS device. Meaning, you can connect your iOS device and even if there’s no music in your library, you can play music right from the device in iTunes.


Now, I want to be able to target a playlist on my iPhone with a script. I have a script that knows how to target a playlist in my library, but how could I update it so that it’ll target the playlist on the device? Any ideas?

tell application "iTunes"
	play playlist "By Date Added (Unrated)"
	set myPlaylist to current playlist
	set view of front window to myPlaylist
end tell

I just renamed the playlist in the library to something else and tried to run the script to see if it’d catch the iPhone playlist, but alas, it does not. So… I do need help for sure :slight_smile: