NSAlert/Dialog Toolkit Plus Questions

I am using Shanes great Dialog Toolkit Plus modified some to resolve the threading issues with NSAlert and had a couple questions to see if anyone has suggestions:

  1. Remembering window location after moving alerts… Can someone suggest on how you might get the location of a dialog before closing it and then remember the last location when showing another? It would be nice when having multiple displays or working in an application and showing a dialog you could move it out of the way and continue working. Then when the next dialog shows, remember that location.

  2. Other then creating a dialog application runner and sending a call to a subroutine within the app, I am assuming theres no other way to take the focus off of the dialog and allow someone to continue working? I tried sheets but then couldnt figure out how to show sheets attached to a nib in applescriptobjc and was just concerned with more threading problems if I managed to pull it off.

  3. By default has anyone else had an issue with Dialog Toolkit Plus not being active and front when showing? I added current application’s NSApp’s activateIgnoringOtherApps:yes after the tell alert line.


You can’t do that with an alert. You could do it with an enhanced window by storing the bounds in the closeTheWindow: handler.