NSSegmentedControl refuses the new Base Localization


I can’t make my NSSegmentedControl change its titles using Base Localization (Xcode 4.5.2, MacOS 10.8.2).

Xcode generates the files for english and french languages, I translate the titles of each segment, but they remain the same as in the xib file.

Same thing for the tool tips of an other segmented control.

As everything else is working perfectly fine, I suppose this is a bug for this particular type of control.

Can somebody else confirm this problem?


from the Xcode 4.5 release notes

When you select the Use Base Internationalization option in the project editor, Xcode generates strings files for each your project’s user interface documents. 11462724
To resynchronize your strings files with new content from your user interface documents, use the --generate-strings-file option of the ibtool command to produce new strings files. Then, manually merge the new files into your existing localized strings.

Hi Stefan,

This does not solve anything.

I read these release notes before, looking for a solution, and tried to re-generate the whole string file, because I thought it was somehow corrupted, but:

  1. the first string files were generated at the end of the developing process. The segmented controls were not added after this;
  2. Files re-generation gave the same result;
  3. The segmented control titles are perfectly listed into the string file.
  4. The problem is strictly limited to NSSegmentedControls. Every other control is correctly translated.

OK, I have reported this as a bug under Problem ID: 12724334