NSView expert help/ideas needed with AVPlayer & AVPlayerLayer

Hi All

I have limited knowledge using NSView’s and view controllers and hope someone can lead me in the right direction.

I have a video app using AVFoundation. It is a 2 screen app. Screen 1 is the control interface, screen 2 is a full screen video output. All the interface elements and info ( displayed on screen 1) for the current video ( screen 2) are working except my video reference/preview on screen 1. I need to basically “clone” the main video output into a mini version on screen 1.

For some reason, you can only output an AVAsset to 1 AVPlayerLayer. I have a temporary solution, but it is messing with performance and memory. ( created 2 separate assets from 1 file and inserted 1 into the main screen and 1 into my preview - double the memory and double the gfx / cpu workload)

Is there any NSView methods for duplicating views or any other solution that may work?