NZB Script - NNTP

Hi Everyone, i am trying to learn about applescript.

I am trying to get a script which can import nzb’s & download them from a news server. I know there are alot of nzb apps out there but in my case it does not help much. The reason is my news server is very slow & i only have access to one news server being that i am from South Africa, the internet is pretty limited.

Our news server connects to the giganews server but our speed is very limited/slow. If certain binaries are cached in the local news server, the speed is very fast.

What i would like to know is how to write a script which can request parts from the nzb file to the news server then disconnect before it starts downloading. I have tried this before, the part sizes are sometimes between 500-600KB each, if i start one, then disconnect, start another, then disconnect - the news server automatically downloads it.

Can someone help me create a script for this purpose ?