Objective-C from iPhone SDK

I was asked to make an app on the iPhone SDK. :cool:
My problem: Objective-C equals “Oomba Scoomba.” If anyone could “donate” some projects that I could study while I get a hang of objective-c, that would be nice.

I know this isn’t the right site for this, but you guys help me a lot.

You’re going to have to learn Objective-C, and therefore at least the basics of C. There are several tutorials on the Web, but I think you need to start with some good books. And plenty of time.

I know basics. ASOC is very similar. Making an application that sets a label from a text field = simple. I might not be able to know MUCH.

On a superficial level, perhaps, but it’s not representative of what writing an iOS app involves. You need to handle things like memory management, multiple class files, and basic C syntax, for starters.

ASObjC is very much ObjC made easy.

That said, the SDK is there for you to play with…

Ooh, yeah. Hm… I’ll get the SDK and play with it. I told them that I’m not sure how things are going to go.

FULL ACK. Unlike AppleScript Objective-C is a real programming language and without having sufficient knowledge you’re not even able to put shared code snippets together

I know how to make all of my current ASOC applications into Objective-C (it could need some overall fine tuning). The iPhone SDK has a few things onto of the pile of code: Multitasking, Memory Management, and Calling interruption.

Like I said, I’ll play around with it and read Apple’s iOS Objective-C Guides.