Obtaining Wan IP No longer works in OS X El Capitan

I have a script that is suppose to obtain a Wan IP and copy it to the clipboard, but it doesn’t work anymore, at least under El Capitan.
The script is below. If any corrections need to be made, I wouldn’t mind them being made.

if the button_pressed is "RetrieveYourIP" then
	say "Retrieving Your IP address, this may take a moment." without waiting until completion
	display alert "Your IP Address is" & WanIP() & "And has been copied to your clipboard."
	set the clipboard to WanIP()
#IP Definitions
on WanIP()
	set WIP to missing value
	set siteList to {"http://checkip.dyndns.org/", "http://whatismyip.com", "http://www.whatismyipaddress.com", "http://ipid.shat.net/", "http://www.edpsciences.comhtbin/ipaddress", "http://www.showmyip.com/"}
	repeat with thissite in siteList
			set WIP to item 1 of paragraphs of (do shell script "curl " & thissite & " | tr -cs '[0-9\\.]' '\\012' | awk -F'.' 'NF==4 && $1>0 && $1<256 && $2<256 && $3<256 && $4<256 && !/\\.\\./'")
			if WIP is not missing value then exit repeat
		end try
	end repeat
	return WIP
end WanIP

Apparently, when a user presses the button above (retrieve Your IP) under OS X 10.11, it just … fails. It doesn’t even attempt it.
Instead it goes straight to the final alert of thank you for using this application, which it should do if the user is finished with the app.
The entirer app is actually a network utility, all though be it, a small one, it serves it’s purpose.
If the entire script is needed, do let me know. Though everything else works just fine, accept the retrieval of the WAN IP.

Model: MacBook Pro late 2011
AppleScript: 2.8.1 (183.1)
Browser: Safari 601.2.7
Operating System: Other