odd curl problem [quoting]

Ok, so my app gets stats of bungie.net for your Halo 3 service record and displays them. There are three stats in particular that I am having trouble with, kills, deaths and kill/death ratio. There are two sections for each stat. Ranked and social.

for some reason if i type and enter this in my address bar:


it goes to the correct page and displays my social stats

when i look at the html it looks all correct

however, when i curl this in terminal for some reason it gives me the html page for my ranked stats. and if i curl it in applescript, it freezes script editor and i have to force quit it…i found out that i cud get ranked stats by just keeping the url to http://www.bungie.net/stats/halo3/CareerStats.aspx?player=AceHENDO13
but as soon as i add the social part to the url it freezes, and does not work at all

Any ideas why this occurs??

Works fine for me:

do shell script "/usr/bin/curl 'http://www.bungie.net/stats/halo3/CareerStats.aspx?player=AceHENDO13&social=true&map=0'"

hmm, guess i shud have added the /usr/bin

thanks :smiley:

I guess, the crucial point are the single quotes :wink:

indeed! that as well :smiley:

There’s also quoted form:

set test to "http://www.bungie.net/stats/halo3/CareerStats.aspx?player=AceHENDO13&social=true&map=0"

do shell script "/usr/bin/curl " & quoted form of test

Edit: Speaking of quoted form: Grr-izon

Great Article. I can’t believe Daniel Jalkut of all people ran that without taking it apart first.