odd TextField's action behavior when inside a Drawer.

I have a secure password field link to an action. When the user presses Return, it behaves at it should. However, it also annoyingly responses to Tab and when existing the field, causing the action to sometimes be triggered multiple times.

I also tried using this action:

on textDidEndEditing_(aNotification)
log aNotification
display alert “helloworld”

According to Apple’s documentation, this action should only respond to Enter, however when the text field is inside a drawer, it behaves erratically (responds to Tab, Enter, cursor exits field).

I thought about having a hidden button on the main window and have it respond to Enter only when a drawer is open. Is there a better way or am I missing something obvious?

Is your field’s action set to “Send on EnterOnly” in IB?


Thank you. I knew I was over looking something simple.

gt :slight_smile: