Of flash, links, and webviews

Howdy all,

I’m working on a bit of an application. This application takes a flash application and loads it into web view (Well, I should say the page containing the flash. I can’t load just the application, as it runs into issues). I’ve got it loading just fine, including a check to make sure you’re connected to the internet. The resulting page contains a flash application that loads fine, as well.

However, this flash application has several buttons that link to other webpages. When these buttons are clicked from your average browser (Camino, Firefox, Safari, etc), it simply opens a new window with the appropriate link. However, when it is clicked from within my web view, it (the flash app) displays a warning that it can’t open the page because it’s being blocked by a popup blocker.(Obviously, this is the generic error response. It’s actually because my webview can’t open a new window)

Now, what I’d like to do is have those links open in the default browser, but I can’t seem to think of any way to do that. Is there any way to intercept that, or would that have to be done on the flash developer’s end?



I don’t know of any way to intercept that “open” call. I think to do that sort of thing you might need Cocoa.