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I have been writing AppleScript code for years and I have been using AppleScript Studio/Xcode for the past 1 or 2 or so.

It has occurred to me that as my applications get more ambitious and I start hitting the limits of what AppleScript can easily do, I should look into developing in some flavor of C. The last time I did any “real” programming with a “real” programming language was 20+ years ago [8600-based assembler if any one is curious].

What are some good sources of learning C using Xcode? I think it may be time to expand my horizons. I work on Macs at home and at work. (I am a graphics artist by trade). All of the machines that I work on are running some version of Panther.

Thanks in advance,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

If you haven’t yet, I’d check out:


They have a very-up-to-date “Learn C on the Macintosh” e-book by David Mark (a standard), “Cocoa Game Programming Workshop” by David Hill, and they have “Learn Objecive-C on the Macintosh” coming soon.

– Walt Sterdan, Freelance

You might want to also look at our Books Section here at Macscripter.net. Doing a search there did show that there are 11 books that deal with Cocoa or the C language.

Do yourself a favor too and look in the Links Section where there are links to some of the best sites for learning Cocoa and the C language.

I have three books on Cocoa that are very helpful.
Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X
Bill Cheeseman
ISBN: 0201878011
Building Cocoa Applications : A Step by Step Guide
Simson Garfinkel and Michael K. Mahoney
May 2002
ISBN: 0596002351
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X There is an updated edition for Panther
Aaron Hillegass
December 3, 2001
ISBN: 0201726831

If you do come across a book that we do not have listed, please let us know so it can be added.


Walt, Brandon,

Thanks both, for your replies.

Walt, I just saw the Spiderworks link yesterday and I will be getting the ebook. I checked out the preview yesterday and it looks like a good starting place.

Brandon, I wouldn’t have thought to look in the links section here at MacScripters. Thanks for the heads up.

Brad Bumgarner, CTA