OmniFocus 2 to Outlook


I have been using the script here: until our office upgraded to Outlook 2015. Now I’m getting an error - seemingly from trying to pass the path as a string. The script’s author appears to no longer support the script, so coming to you guys to see if you can help.

A quick search on the error yields: that appears to tell me I need to change to a POSIX path. But I’m honestly not even sure how/where to do that.

Here’s where the error occurs, and the error is error “Microsoft Outlook got an error: An error has occurred.” number -2700

	-- set the path to a temp area on your HD to temporarily store the attachment to be loaded into OF
		set theFileName to "/tmp/OutlookMsg" & theID & ".eml"
		if (attachMailToOFTask is 1) then
			tell application "OmniFocus"
				log "saving the file: " & theFileName
			end tell
			save theMessage in theFileName
		end if

Change the line to:

           save theMessage in POSIX file theFileName

That’s what the stackoverflow answer is suggesting.

Thanks! That worked great. I really just couldn’t figure out how to use it.