on open a folder, without anything on the folder

I want to have a script run when I open a folder. easy enough, folder actions! uum, no. You can remove folder actions in a few clicks. I want to add a script to a folder that needs a password to be in any way accesed. both script and folder need pasword protection. I have the password part, I just need to have it run on opening the folder.


sorry, a bit more information is needed to “guess” something. :wink:
Perhaps a portion of the code you already have

Folder Actions are the only way with AppleScript. If permissions don’t work for you and you still want password protection, I would either try an encrypted disk image or seek a commercial solution.

An encrypted DMG souds good. I think I’ll try that. And StefanK, I only have the code that checks if the password is correct, nothing at all usefull or related to the question at hand.