Once again, a newbie wanting a script :)

Hey! it’s Zac again. yep, I’m only 13 so I’ve been once again having some trouble. my little brother plays this game called Marapets.com he said there’s a halloween thing going on right now. Basicly, he had to get a costume for is doll thing, and visit other players profiles (a quick way of seeing profiles is by going to the online page www.marapets.com/online.php). When he goes on their profile, he has to click a button that says trick-or-treat and then he gets a prize. I was planning on surpizing him with a script that will click that button on all profiles of the people online at once. (this way he won’t stay on the computer 4 hours at a time and get some exercise.



is this possible?

like, would I be able to use applescript for this? or would I need another script editor?

Zak, it’s possible, but rather advanced (beyond a noobie) to interact with buttons in a browser window, and your brother could easily defeat your prank after one go by simply switching browsers. I don’t think you’ll get any takers to help with a script – writing a difficult, run only once script is not an appealing task.

ok, thanx:)