One Q. about Adobe Reader and AppleScript

Is it possible to use AS to open a pdf file into one version of Reader: Reader 9 ” 9.4 or 9.5 ” whichever. I’ve wracked my brains trying to figure this out. I’d be ˜preciative if someone knew of a solution or even knew, it wasn’t possible”but maybe could be done in another language. (I’m trying to get it to work on os10.6 and higher).

The pdf file displays like a mess if it opens in Reader 10 or higher, less so but with other problems when it opens in acrobat pro. For awhile, I was using a kill pid code for killing acrobat. If I use the kill-code, when it’s opened on machines without acrobat, a dialog box comes up “Where Is Acrobat Pro” and wants to browse the computer.

(To clarify, the software is a pdf file with java scrpt in it - it communicates with a js file that sits in the home directory. Thing is, it has to be opened in Reader 9 (or below). That’s how it was developed)

My latest solution has been a path-to-me AS. I put the reader-9-app inside package contents along with the pdf and java script file. When I launched the path-to-me AS, from another AS app (in Applications), I was “this close” - I really thought I had the problem licked. It worked most of the time (80% maybe). After awhile, adobe reader starts duplicating itself.and there were other problems.

If anyone knows a way I can use AS to launch a file into one v. of Adobe Reader, I’d be ˜preciative. I’ve looked at plist - as far as I can tell, com.adobe.Reader applies to all the Readers. But I’m a perennial newbie when it comes to scripting. (For what it’s worth, if I script this last part, I can distribute my software”-I have the old adobe readers that I can include as part of the installer package) . Thx in advance.

set theReader to ((path to me as text) & "Contents:Resources:Adobe") as alias
set MyFile to ((path to me as text) & "Contents:Resources:Mother.pdf") as alias
set keyvalue to "MyPassword" & return

delay 0.5

tell application "Finder"
	open theReader & ACIMFile
end tell

delay .5

tell application "System Events"
	keystroke keyvalue
end tell