One window in my app won't open in Leopard.

There are about half a dozen windows in my app needed at different times and about half of them are accessible to the user in the apps main menu. One of these is refusing to open. I’ve looked at it and my other windows in IB 3.0 for something unique about this window because all the others open fine. I rebuilt the project in Xcode 3.0. I don’t see anything different about this window.

Has anybody else had this problem yet? And found the cause and/or a solution?

Just an after thought. I did think of one difference about this window in question. I has a drawer attached. Maybe I neglected to do something with that drawer that didn’t matter in Tiger but is now suddenly a problem. hmmmm.

Silly, I know, but I’ll suggest this anyway: Have you made sure that A) you gave the window an AS name and B) is it spelled the same in both the Inspector and your code?

Yup, actually the opening of the window isn’t handled programmatically. It’s connected to a menu item in the main menu and I checked that and the “MakeKeyAndOrderFront” connection is still there. just as with the other windows that do still open fine in Leopard. I just checked the applescript name as you said and it is still there and not misspelled both in IB and in the applescript. I even made a release build and moved it over to my other machine still running tiger and it works fine there. Something about Leopard doesn’t like something about that window.


I know this is not working on the problem but rather skirting around the problem. However, from the standpoint of getting your software up and running again, why don’t you try rebuilding your window from scratch under the new IB instead of compiling it from the old IB? is it such a big and complex window?

try it and see if it’ll solve your problem. however, as I just said we may never know what’s causing it and therefore, may not give us any useful lead on how we can avoid the same problem in the future.

good luck and let us know what you got.

archseed :slight_smile:

Unfortunately yes. It is a rather complex window. The most complex in the app. You may be right though. We may never know and I may have to rebuild it form scratch but I think I’ll hold out a little longer and hope I or somebody stumbles on to a solution. Maybe in the days or weeks to come others will find themselves having similar problems. Maybe a solution will be found. One can hope.

Figured it out! Apparently way back when before I knew how to do it with the makeKeyAndOrderFront connection I was doing it programmatically with the On chooseMenuItem handler and apparently I never took that code out after making the connection which for some reason didn’t brake it in Tiger but did in Leopard. I just took out the code from the on ChooseMenuItem handler and then in IB unchecked the ChooseMenuItem handler checkbox in that menu item’s appliscript inspector window. Save all, rebuild. Success!