Online AppleScript and ScriptingBridge application documentation.

Mugginsoft LLP is establishing an online archive of browsable AppleScript and ScriptingBridge derived documentation to assist with AppleScript and Cocoa language application automation scripting at:

Browsable documentation will be included both for AppleScript and the ScriptingBridge.

If you would like to contribute to the archive (either as a user of a particular application or as the developer of a scriptable application) then see:

Submissions can be made either via email or github.

Jonathan Mitchell
Mugginsoft LLP

The OS X automation archive now includes a scripting and automation wiki.

The OS X application automation archive is an up-dateable archive of OS X automation documentation:

The archive provides online browsable AppleScript and ScriptingBridge documentation for a range of OS X applications, e.g. Photoshop:

If you want to see documentation for a particular app (or your own Cocoa app) in the archive then read the submission guidelines:

The documentation for each app links directly to a scripting specific wiki:

Currently, contributors to the archive can claim a KosmicTask 2-user licence:


Jonathan Mitchell
Mugginsoft LLP

KosmicTask - the Integrated Scripting Environment for OS X.