Online REPL for Applescript?

For lots of language you find online terminals or REPLs.These are websites which offer a window like a terminal so you can type in your browser commands/code in the desired programming language and then run it.

Various such websites are around. is an example site offering languages like Julia, Tcl or Nim. But there are sites dedicated to individual languages as well, for example for JavaScript.

Is there anywhere an online REPL for Applescript? I know this might be difficult because Applescript is proprietary, but I’m not sure whether this makes it totally impossible…

AppleScript is more a mechanism to control applications than a programming language and the Script Editor can give you the REPL functionality. What’s the point?

The point is the same as with other online REPLs: Not to develop serious projects, but to try out little code snippets when you don’t have a system handy with that language installed.

Say, you read threads while you are on a iOS or Windows system and you would like straight away to try out some things about, again say, AppleScript’s text item delimiters. - How handy would be an online REPL!