Open a document PDF or Excel from File maker pro

Hey the World from france,

I have a little problem wich is the following thema:

I had download some documents on my data base File maker pro, wich are considered as multimedia files.

To use correctly my datas base, I need to open the multimedia files, directly from FileMaker.

But apparently, I didn’t fin any post about, that is not possible on apple computers. (although it is possible on PC:mad:)

So, can you help me to resolve this problem,that I think we can do with apple script, isn’t it?

Thnaks a lot…:cool:

Maybe not directly, because I think the FileMaker command for open in AppleScript is only to open database files.

Is there a FileMaker script action which will open (possibly import instead of open) a PDF/Excel file? AppleScript can trigger a FileMaker script, trigger an Open command, or even an Import command as tho you have selected those commands from a FileMaker menu. How is opening a PDF or Excel file with FileMaker done with PC:mad:? JavaScript? A FileMaker option that isn’t in FileMaker for Mac?

I would say that the best option would be to use a FileMaker script that exports the document to the temporary items

path to temporary items

and then auto opens the pdf. This way you are still self containing the pdf within the database and upon restart/login the temp directory should be cleared so you don’t have to worry about removing copies yourself