Open filemaker from a distant mac


I have a data base that i want to share with other computers (3)
But i am the owner of these datas and i prefer to keep it with me.

To make possible the sharing, the main computer( where is the datas) has to be doing, and the good apllication and good file has to be running

So this is my question.

How to start this file from a different machine File maker pro with apple script.

The objective is to start file maker without need to pass by the finder of File maker programm

Thanks a lot

this is my trying

tell application “Finder” of machine “eppc://utilisateur:mot_de_passe@”
open file “LD:Applications:File Maker”
end tell

How are you connected to the machine?

If you’re using ssh, you could issue a command from the shell:
open /path/to/database_file

If you want to do it from Applescript:

tell application "Finder"
set x to posix file "/path/to/database_file" as alias
open x
end tell


thanks for your quick answer.

But i don’t know excatly what datas I have to write

tell application “Finder”
set x to posix file “/path/to/database_file” as alias
open x
end tell

x= what is x, the name of the main computer, the name of the database, or the title…

In what does consist “/path…”? is it the browser? if it is, what element excatly that I have to write= "“Macintosh HD:jimtst_user:A3E_file:pop.fp7”?

Thank you very much.;);):wink:

x is the path to the Filemaker database file. If it’s in the Documents folder, you could do something like this:

set filepath to path to home folder as string
set x to filepath & "Documents:filename.extension" as alias

Hi jmtst,

Here are some hints from the AppleScript Language Guide:

This is a code example modified to match your requirements. I don’t know whether it works or not, just to get you started :smiley:

set remoteFinder to application "Finder" of machine "eppc://utilisateur:mot_de_passe@"
using terms from application "Finder"
    tell remoteFinder
        open application file id ""
    end tell
end using terms from

okay that’s good

Thanks :smiley:
Bye :smiley:

Just a short note, without going into too much detail. Are you aware that FileMaker is a client-server application? Every copy of FileMaker can share a file, via TCP/IP, which can be opened from another copy of FileMaker on another computer using Open Remote, targeting an open file (FileMaker sees open files). That is how it is meant to work, safely. Going “behind its back” may work. It may also cause your file to eventually get corrupted.