Open Folder

I am using Filemaker Pro 5.5 on Mac OS X.

I would like to be able to “hyperlink” to a folder and/or file. I think the only the way to do this is using applescript. (I am new to Mac and never have used applescript)

I figure I’ll create a button, that opens the finder and then the folder.

I know how to mount the share, but I can’t get much further.

 Mount volume "smb://server/fileshare"

This seems to work.

tell application “finder”
set thestart to “Drive:Folder:”
set sourcefolder to the start
open the start
end tell


You could do something like this:

set theStart to choose folder with prompt "Choose folder."
open folder theStart


set theStart to choose file with prompt "Choose File."
tell application "blah"
open file theStart
-- do some more stuff
end tell