Open html file on cd-rom from flashprojector

Hi everyone!

I’m totally new with applescripting, so I could REALLY need your help on this.
I’m making a hybrid cd-rom application with a flashprojector, I want to open some websites and pdf files from this projector.
I use an flash actionscript which determines which operating system you’re using, if it’s not windows, it calls an .app file which is in a folder called fscommand in the root of the cd-rom. In this folder fscommand there are 2 other folders called “websites” and “animaties”.

For example; when clicking a button in the projector it calls,
flash automatically looks in the fscommand folder for this, SHOULD open the file: index.html in the folder:
So I made the applescript like this:

tell application "Finder"
select file "index.html" of folder "website1" of folder "websites"
open selection
end tell

But this doesn’t seem to work… Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Probably something with the wrong path?
Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi and welcome to MacScripter.

try this

tell application "Finder" to open file "cdrom:fscommand:websites:website1:index.html"

Hi StefanK,
Thanks, I will try it right away, the only problem is that I can’t test it on a cd-rom right now (no burner).
Should that matter anyway?

No, it shouldn’t. You can try it also on a hard disk.
Consider, that AppleScript paths start always with the volume name

Wow, that totally did the trick! You don’t know how long I’ve been busy to get this working, thank you so much!
One question though, does this script work on every version of MacOs X?
Thanks again!

Yes, it does